Similar to TITANTORKER torque clutch but with new patented ‘micro-design’ and assembly technique. Can be used wherever a lightweight auxiliary clutch is required.

Torque Range: adjustable from 0 inch-pounds thru 17 foot-pounds (0 thru 23 Nm).


Gives audible signal when desired torque is reached. Torque setting is easily adjustable with an allen wrench.

Use with any hand held or fixtured assembly machine (except impact wrench).

Torque Range: adjustable from 60 inch-pounds thru 225 foot-pounds (7 thru 305 Nm).

Available with several male and female drives for complete versatility.


Grips nut end of stud or pin and drives to torque. Ideal for all applications involving studs without thread on nut end being driven to shoulder on stud or bottom of hole. Releases stud easily when clutch activates and does not need to reverse direction.

Use on any fully or semi-automatic assembly machine or on any power hand tool (except impact wrench).

Stud Capacities: available from 3/16″ thru 3/8″ and M5 thru M10. Torque Range: adjustable from 0 inch-pounds thru 17 foot-pounds (0 thru 23 Nm).

POSI-LOAD® stud retainer: available for applications where pre-loading of stud driver would be beneficial.


Same as RCD stud driver but designed without clutch for torque control.

Use power source that provides torque control feature. Bring to complete rotational stop before removing from stud.

Model R

Same basic tool as ROLL GRIP stud driver and remover but designed for gripping on pipe diameters.


Removes threaded studs instantly without thread damage. When remover is pushed onto stud, threaded jaws automatically engage stud. When reversal torque is applied, special locking cams prevent tool from unthreading from stud. Releases stud easily when stud is pulled from tool. Provides a convenient method for checking stud loosening torque with hand torque wrench. Push VICTORY stud remover onto stud — check torque. Then simply pull remover off of stud without any resultant thread damage.

Use a torque wrench, any hand held reversible power tool (except impact wrench), or a T-Handle.

Stud Capacities: available from #10 thru 3/4″ and M5 thru M18.


Same grip technique as the TARGET stud driver. Since thread damage is eliminated with this type of remover, the studs can be re-used — invaluable on applications calling for expensively designed studs. Some parts interchangeable with the TARGET driver.

Use T-Handle or hand tool only.

Stud Capacities: same as TARGET stud driver.

Roll Grip

Obtains positive grip in either direction on stud by means of roller bearings locking on high cams. When used as a remover — stud falls free from tool as soon as it clears part. When used as a driver — tool has sufficient grip adjustment on most applications to avoid damage on threads.

Use any hand held or fixtured power source. (Not recommended for use on impact wrench except under certain conditions.) When used as a driver — power source must be brought to complete rotational stop and all torque relaxed before ROLL GRIP driver will release stud.

Stud Capacities: available from 3/16″ thru 3″ and M5 thru M33. Larger sizes quoted on request.


A real problem solver for special applications. Rugged tool like the BULL DOG stud driver, but designed for even easier release of stud on troublesome jobs (such as when driving studs with low reversal torque
compared to high driving torque).

Stud Capacities: available from 5/8″ thru 1-1/4″ (NC and NF). Some metric sizes available from stock; others quoted on request.