How to Order for New Applications

How to Order for New Applications

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IMPORTANT: Titan Tool requires sample studs to test for all new applications. We recommend you send at least 12 sample studs. Please send test parts if available and able to ship.

For New Application orders, please call us at (814) 474-1583.

Please have the following information ready before contacting us:

  • What type of stud will be used? (Please be able to provide prints of stud)
  • What type of power tool will be used in your application? (Impact, DC nutrunner, pulse, direct drive) (Reversible or non-reversible)
  • Will you be driving the stud to a height or a torque? (Please have torque specs or height requirement)
  • If driving to torque, will your power tool control the torque or will the stud driver have to?
  • Is there any interference to be concerned with? (Prints or electronic drawings of the part suggested)
  • Will this application be a fixed spindle(s) or manual application?

You can send samples to the following address:

Titan Tool Company, Inc.
7410 West Ridge Road
Fairview, PA 16415

For fastest service, please be sure to enclose your information with your sample studs. (Name, telephone, email, mailing address)