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The TITANMATE® TML2-26 is a linear tool support arm designed to provide precise control ideally suited for high-toleranced tapping applications. The bearing housing is machined from a solid billet of aluminum to assure perfect bearing alignment for the life of the unit. To minimize friction the TML2-26 incorporates high-quality roller and recirculating ball bearings throughout its design. The twin parallel shafts are made of hardened linear shafting while the vertical shaft of the same material is a full 0.75″ in diameter. This combination of rigidity and frictionless motion makes the TML2-26 the perfect choice for tapping applications requiring the maximum reliability and precision.

The TML2-26 is rigid enough to handle a 5 lb. (2.26 Kg) payload and absorb up to 20 ft.-lbs. (27 Nm) of torque reaction, perfect for use with fragile, small diameter taps.

The TML2-26 uses a pneumatic balance system that allows the unit to be adjusted for any payload and moved effortlessly throughout the work envelope.

  • Precision:
    no other arm moves as freely and easily.
  • Efficient: requires almost no effort to operate.
  • Versatile: one unit can tap, drill, fasten, lift, grind, polish, and so much more.
  • Mobile: can be easily moved from one work station to the next.
  • Ergonomic: helps prevent work injuries and worker fatigue.
  • Economical: will pay for itself many times over its life span
  • Durable: designed and manufactured to the highest industrial standards.

Standard features include:

  • Choice of Multi position or rigid tool holder
  • Adjustable pneumatic lift package
  • Hardened and ground steel shafts
  • Precision bearings
  • Base mount with leveling screws
  • Solid aluminum bearing block

Optional features include:

  • Custom motor mounts
  • Power tools
  • Quick release chucks and collets
  • Tap holders
  • Keyless chucks
  • Stud drivers
  • Work carts
  • Floor pedestals