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The TITANMATE® TML3-42 is a linear tool support arm designed to provide precise control ideally suited for high-toleranced tapping applications. The bearing housing is machined from a solid billet of aluminum to assure perfect bearing alignment for the life of the unit. To minimize friction the TML3-42 incorporates high-quality roller and recirculating ball bearings throughout its design. The vertical and twin parallel shafts are made of hardened linear shafting. This combination of rigidity and frictionless motion makes the TML3-42 the perfect choice for tapping applications requiring the maximum reliability and precision.

The TML3-42 can handle a 35 Lb. (15.75 Kg.) payload and absorb up to 75 ft.-lbs. (101 Nm) of torque reaction.

  • Ergonomic: protects workers from injuries such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Efficient: maximizes production by minimizing scrap caused by worker fatigue.
  • Versatile: one unit can tap, drill, fasten, lift, grind, polish, and so much more.
  • Mobile: can be easily moved from one work station to the next.
  • Economical: will pay for itself many times over its life span
  • Durable: designed and manufactured to the highest industrial standards.

Standard features include:

  • Multi position or rigid tool holder
  • Adjustable pneumatic lift package
  • Hardened and ground steel shafts
  • Precision bearings
  • Base mount with leveling screws
  • Solid aluminum bearing block

Optional features include:

  • Custom motor mounts
  • Power tools
  • Quick release chucks and collets
  • Tap holders
  • Keyless chucks
  • Stud drivers
  • Work carts
  • Floor pedestals
  • Customized Pneumatic Controls (Call Titan for Details)