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The TITANMATE® X-SERIES are designed with the same components of the TMAR2 and TMAR4 series arms. The X-SERIES dual parallel arm design allows for additional reach. The TMAR2-X55 allows for a 10lb. payload and 55″ reach at full extension. The TMAR4-X80 reaches up to 80″ and can support a 20lb. payload.


Ergonomic: protects workers from injuries such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.
Efficient: maximizes production by minimizing scrap caused by worker fatigue.
Versatile: one unit can tap, drill, fasten, lift, grind, polish, and so much more.
Mobile: can be easily moved from one work station to the next.
Economical: will pay for itself many times over its life span
Durable: designed and manufactured to the highest industrial standards.