Features and Benefits



Precision bearings, hardened shafts and ground races provide unparalleled freedom of motion.


The use of gas springs, air cylinders and regulators allow the widest possible range of payload adjustment.


The TMAR56 uses a 2" x 4" alloy steel box frame swing arm and 1-3/4" square parallel arms, the TMAR40 uses a 1-1/2" x 3" alloy steel box frame swing arm and 1" square parallel arms, and the TML30 incorporates a 17 pound main body which is machined out of a solid block of high-strength aluminum alloy.


Standard features on every TITANMATE® include our multi-position motor mount and heavy-duty base with leveling screws. This versatile mount allows you to position your power tool at the precise angle required for any application, and the easy to use base ensures a fast and accurate installation every time.


The quality built into every TITANMATE® ensures unsurpassed repeatability, cycle after cycle, year after year.


TitanMate® tool positioners (torque arms) are unsurpassed in strength and rigidity, plus they move as if suspended on air. TitanMate® is made from the best components and is made to the highest quality and manufacturing standards. TitanMate® is easy to install, quickly adjusted for a variety of applications and extremely simple to maintain. Every TitanMate® includes a heavy-duty base with leveling screws for easy set-up, a pneumatic lift system for rapid adjustment, and a multi-position tool mount that allows your power tool to be mounted at almost any desired angle. TitanMate® is built to provide the performance you need at a price you can afford.


The TitanMate® tool positioning arms (torque arms) offer innovative solutions for flexible manufacturing and assembly applications such as drilling, tapping, sanding, grinding, spot welding, screw, nut, bolt and stud driving applications. Our best-in-class design will enhance productivity, improve product quality, relieve operator stress and increase workplace safety.


Computer aided design, 3D modeling and stress analysis software have allowed us to optimize our tool support arms to allow maximum reach, enormous payload capacity, and unbelievable torque reaction and vibration dampening characteristics. We have combined our 85 years of assembly and manufacturing experience with modern technology to provide a product that will do the job right, last for years, and will be a pleasure to work with.


Manufacturing and assembly applications have a tendency to change or evolve over time; TitanMate® is designed to adapt to those changes. TitanMate® tool positioning arms include adaptive features such as adjustable pneumatic lift cylinders, interchangeable gas springs, user selectable single or dual cylinder lift (TML30 only), multi position mounting holes on lift arms, interchangeable lift arms and slides, and multi-position motor mounts. As your application changes, TitanMate® will adapt.


Back injuries and repetitive motion disorders account for thousands of lost days of work every year. Since TitanMate® lifts and suspends the power tool in the ideal work position, and dampens vibration while absorbing torque reaction, work place injuries can be significantly reduced or eliminated, making your work place a safer healthier environment.