Frequently Asked Questions

Are TitanMate Tool Positioning Arms stock items?

Most standard arms are stock items. It is best to contact Titan Tool Company with any inquiry.

How long does it take to receive my TitanMate arm?

Generally, an arm will ship in 2-5 days upon receipt of order. However, shipment can be longer if special motor mounts or special parts are required. Your quote should reflect delivery.

Do you supply air motors and supplies?

Yes. We sell air motors and have a variety of adaptors, quick change chucks, tapping collets, and other accessories.

Can I use my own power tool or air motor on a TitanMate arm?

Yes. Our standard motor mount can be bored to fit tools up to 2" in diameter at no additional cost. If your tool is larger than 2" or a special mount is needed, we can quote a custom motor mount made specifically for your tool.

My application falls outside your standard line of arms. Do you accept custom applications?

Yes. If you find that your application specs are more than what our standard line handles, please contact Titan to discuss a custom arm. We have provided customers with torque arms able to support 120 lbs of weight, 700 ft-lbs of torque, and other functions that are not generally available on most torque arms.

I would like a 3D computer model. Can I get models of TitanMate arms?

Yes. You can request models of all our arms. They can generally be sent immediately upon request. However, if the application requires special alterations, they will be completed as soon as possible. Contact Titan Tool Company to request 3D models.

Are TitanMate arms manufactured in the United States?

Yes. All major components of the TitanMate are designed and manufactured by Titan Tool Company or other local manufacturers. Some items such as screws, bearings, and certain fittings may be manufactured outside of the USA.