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The TITANMATE® TMAR2-40 is a rugged articulating tool support arm ergonomically designed to provide fingertip control for the most demanding applications. The sturdy tubular steel swing arm is connected to the base by means of a 1" (25.4mm) hardened and ground shaft. Both the main shaft and the center shaft utilize high-quality roller bearings to minimize friction while maximizing precision and reliability. The twin parallel arms are made of heavy gage aluminum tubing that effectively neutralizes vibration and torque reaction. The hybrid lift system combines the best attributes of a sealed high-pressure gas spring with the flexibility of an adjustable pneumatic cylinder.

The standard TMAR2-40 is capable of balancing a 10 Lb. (4.5 Kg.) power tool and absorbing 35 Ft.-Lbs. (47.5 Nm.) of torque reaction, yet is so sensitive that it can be used with the most delicate taps and bits.

The TMAR2-40 can be mounted on a work bench or portable cart or can be inverted for overhead mounting and is the perfect complement to any machining center or work station.

  • Ergonomic: protects workers from injuries such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Efficient: maximizes production by minimizing scrap caused by worker fatigue.
  • Versatile: one unit can tap, drill, fasten, lift, grind, polish, and so much more.
  • Mobile: can be easily moved from one work station to the next.
  • Economical: will pay for itself many times over its life span.
  • Durable: designed and manufactured to the highest industrial standards.

Standard features include:

  • Multi position or rigid tool holder
  • Adjustable air/gas lift assist package
  • Hardened and ground steel shafts
  • Precision bearings
  • Base mount with leveling screws
  • Welded steel swing arm

Optional features include:

  • Custom motor mounts
  • Power tools
  • Quick release chucks and collets
  • Tap holders
  • Keyless chucks
  • Stud drivers
  • Work carts
  • Floor pedestals